Julie & Jérémie's Wedding

Julie & Jérémie’s engagement shoot in 2017

Julie & Jérémie’s engagement shoot in 2017

The beginning of June found me heading out to Cocagne for Julie & Jérémie’s wedding day. The morning was still pretty chilly when I landed at the house for the bridal prep. The place was already bustling with family and friends, and soon enough their daughters were up and getting ready for their part in the big day as well.

Unfortunately Julie’s wedding dress didn’t fit her oldest daughter very well, as much as she may have tried, so she had to stick with the pretty pink one that was already picked out for her (the sandals also didn’t fit her youngest, but boy did everyone enjoy the adorable effort!).

During the hair and makeup (in case you didn’t know, this can take a bit of time), as I often do, I headed over to see the guys getting ready at a friend’s house not too far away (pictures are rearranged here so you can’t tell…I guess I should have told you. Secret’s out now!). Shoes were shined and ties were tied both big and small (some were like, really, really small). Then we headed out to the balcony for a few not so serious shots before I going back over for see the ladies again (as charming as I am, I think the guys probably wanted to have a little time without a camera following them around before the ceremony).

Once everyone was ready on both sides, it was off to the Cocagne Marina for the ceremony. In the side room of the hall, with light from the beautiful day outside streaming in through the big windows overlooking the marina, family and friends gathered for the intimate ceremony. In a moving moment, Julie was walked down the aisle with all the love in the world. Her father, her mother, and both her daughters escorted her (the little ones were probably supposed to go just a little further ahead with their flowers, but why break up the posse?).

After the knot was tied, we headed just outside the building to the marina proper, for some pictures by the water. We didn’t spend an awful lot of time in any one location, as we had some ground to cover! After getting some fun pictures there, we headed out to the Irving Arboretum in Bouctouche for some family pictures, some wedding party pictures, and some newlywed pictures in the field and by the beautiful stone chapel.

We then headed to the nursing home to visit with Jérémie’s grandmother, as she couldn’t make it out for the ceremony. And their youngest was also there to visit with both her and everyone else she could find on the way (and they were thrilled to see her!).

Then we went back to the house where the men got ready for some sunset field photos (and a little wine and silliness, as is mandatory).

Back at the Marina, the lights were already down low and ready for the first dance when we returned. I quickly put my lighting plan together (okay, I planned ahead a bit and set up half of it before the ceremony), and the evening started off with a bang right away with the first dances. There was no stopping things after that, and after a quick shoe game (because them’s the rules in NB!), before you knew it the dance floor was full, with everyone from big to small out there having a blast.

Speaking of having a blast, thanks for inviting me to be a part of your big day, Julie & Jérémie! It was wonderful from start to finish.