Angela & Krishna's Wedding

Let’s take a little trip, shall we? This time to Michigan. We flew down for Angela & Krishna’s wedding in early June. And since my little tyke was in tow, you’ll probably see a few more pictures of a tiny dapper fellow than usual (I generally try to focus on the couple and not the orbit of children that are often around the events of the day when I post…but I always take it all in with the camera).

We arrived well enough before the wedding to get everything organized, and in time to attend the rehearsal. Really this was mostly just an excuse to get some candid family pictures while the day’s festivities were going on, since I was really only planning on photographing the wedding. And eating at iHop. ☕️🥞 And boy did all of these things take place. You probably don’t need pictures of my breakfast (and lunch), though.

Angela wore a colourful sari for the rehearsal (and then again for the reception), as she had a wedding dress for the ceremony itself, wanting to include the best of both worlds.

The next day, just before the wedding, I snuck in a few minutes early to see how things were coming along. The bride and groom were getting their finishing touches in separate parts of the church before their first look in the foyer. Angela was glowing in her long, white dress, and the bridesmaids literally gleamed in their red and gold saris. Then everyone headed out to the expansive lawn outside for more photos.

Once outside we had some fun with family and friends. Just outside of frame in many of the shots were crowds of excited family members gathering for the wedding. But you came here to see Angela & Krishna, didn’t you? :)

Out on the freshly cut lawn, for the first time in my life I found myself allergic to grass. It must be a different strain down there in Michigan than we usually have up here in Eastern Canada, as I spent much of my childhood mowing lawns, and was pretty shocked to have my relationship with the weed so altered. That being said, I’ll take a little hay fever over a shoot at -35C (-31F for the Americans in the audience) any day of the week ;) (and yeah, that happens a fair amount around these parts).

We had many, many friends and family to take pictures with, so the time flew by, and next thing we knew we were heading back into the church.

Just a few personal moments of congratulations and gratitude before everyone lined up for the processionals, and headed into the sanctuary for the beautiful ceremony.

The happy couple were cheerfully congratulated as they made their way out the back of the sanctuary, and then straight over to the church hall for the reception. Everyone crowded in (once again including a certain familiar, tiny, bow-tied fellow), to be blessed with moving stories and serenades from close family and friends.

Photographing a wedding in another country adds a few elements of difficulty and complication, but it’s always worth it. Especially on this day, with so many wonderful, kind, and friendly people, and the beautiful fusion of eastern and western styles adding colour and flare to the event.

Congratulations, Angela & Krishna! And many thanks for inviting me to capture your unique and wonderful day!