Everyone's a Star

Cost: $200

Amy-Lee & James' Wedding 924.jpg

What's included: Camera, lighting, subject facing screen, printer, and an assistant to make sure things are set up well and run smoothly for 2 hours (if more time is needed, it simply scales at $100/hr).

Downloads: All the photos taken will be available for download the day after the event (these are largely unedited, and you have one week to download them for safe keeping before they expire).

Weddings: If your event is a wedding, these photos will also be included on your USB stick with the rest of your much fancier photos when completed.

Live Uploads: If a fast enough internet connection can be provided at the event, photos can be uploaded throughout the night, with a link for you and/or your guests to download/use/post/snap them while they're there at no extra cost.

Jennifer & Michel's Wedding 745.jpg

On Site Prints: For $1 per print, 4"x6" photos can be printed on site during the event. You can either prepay for a number of photos before the event and we'll count them down, prepay and issue print voucher tickets to each of your guests so no one hogs the camera, or have attendees come equipped with loonies to pay for their own prints.

Props: Props and backdrops not included. Feel free to put something crazy and different together to make your event and photos unique!