Danica & Jeremie's Wedding

The very next day after Julie & Jérémie’s wedding, it was off to Shediac for another beautiful Spring wedding. Already being very brushed up on the groom’s name, I headed up to the men’s hotel room first, at Hôtel Shediac. Livin’ the dream with a game on the TV, and some single malt Glenfiddich on hand, the guys got their style on. Laced, buttoned, tied and zipped, then topped off with matching sunglasses, they were ready so quick you’d think they’d done this before.

Just upstairs the ladies were prepping and and primping just a few (vertical) feet away. The sun slowly came up as they traded their matching robes for matching dresses (with just a bit of hair and makeup in between).

By the time they were ready, the groom and his team were waiting downstairs in the lobby. They weren’t planning on having a “first look” per se, but one way or another, you’re going to see each other for the first time all over again at some point ;)

Once the whole band was together, we headed to the bar for some classy shots, and then out onto the balcony for a little fun in the natural light.

Some classic cars awaited the couple when we got outside, and we took the Rideau and the Thunderbird down the street to John Lyons Park by the Shediac Yacht Club for a few open air shots.

On our way back to the hotel we meet with the family(s) and got in our family photos under a tree by the road before heading just down the street to the ceremony.

It’s always nice having everything pretty close together on a wedding day, as it allows everything to just flow uninterrupted. I suppose I end up not putting down my camera(s) for 12 hours, as a drive between locations is often the only break that I take during a wedding day, but I’d rather get a hand cramp than miss anything. (I know, I totally need to learn how to take a little break or two during a wedding…I’m sure it’s somehow possible. How does everyone else do it?? haha)

At the Shediac Multipurpose Centre the ceremony went off without a hitch (well, I guess there was one hitch - 😏I’m sure no one’s ever made that joke at a wedding before 😬), and everyone headed outside for the receiving line while the space inside was quickly flipped into a reception hall.

Jeremie’s band Mixtape was on hand to provide the music for the evening (minus their usual awesome drummer, of course… but somehow they still managed to pull through). We were even treated to a special number (or two?) by one of the bridesmaids, Jenny Lyne (and that harmonica, tho). I had to take a few extra band shots that night, (because, obviously, the party was rockin’), and had to get the drums involved in the ring shots.

Oh, and of course there were moving speeches, romance, and touching moments - but at the end of the night, everyone, both young and old, was there to party!

Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your rock ‘n roll wedding, Danica & Jeremie! Don’t ever stop being awesome!