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Your Photos:

How much is this going to cost?

Head on over to my pricing page here to find out.

How will we get our photos?

For anything other than a wedding, you'll be sent a download link to retrieve your files. This link will only remain active for a couple weeks. For weddings, you'll be given a high quality USB stick with all your photos on it (as well as copies your previous engagement photos, if you had those with me).

When will we get our photos?

Soon. You should get your photos in less than 31 days (not counting any necessary shipping/meet-up arrangement times or disasters), but it's entirely likely that you'll have them in half that time.

How many photos will we get?

All the good ones. Any photo that I find to be sufficiently awesome or not identical to another photo will be edited and given to you. This often results in a decent number of photos (approximately 50 per hour of shooting).

Can I print my photos?

Absolutely. You will have full print quality digital files, and the full printing rights. The only things you can't do is significantly alter them, take credit for them, or sell them (excluding commercial photography arrangements).

Will all my photos be in colour/in black & white?

No? Okay, I guess that's not a yes or no question. Almost all photos will be delivered in colour, except for maybe a couple where colour just totally didn't work out for some reason. Then there will be duplicates of approximately 1/6 of the photos in black & white, but only those photos that work out well in that format. Some (most) photos just don't have the right composition/contrast/feel to look good in black & white.

Do I have to pay extra for more photos/Do I have to pay you for prints?

Nope. All the photos are included and you can print to your heart's content.

I lost my photos! What do I do?!

I will do my best to hold on to all your photos for as long as possible. If you lost them, there's a pretty good chance that I still have them. I can dig them up and provide them to you again at a cost of $30 (plus the cost of any hardware required, like if you need them on a new USB stick). For my advice on keeping your photos, click here.

The Photoshoot:

What should we wear to our (insert event name) photoshoot?

I'm not super picky, and would prefer that you look comfortable in your own skin. That being said, avoid wearing clothes with words or large, visible logos (unless you're Super into it), and avoid wearing a lot of black (it's just hard to see you).

Do you do destination weddings/events?

Absolutely. If you want your day to have one more known variable - the photographer - I'd be more than happy to join you for your weekend in Mexico/Banff/Antarctica (but perhaps a little less excited if Antarctica). Since destination weddings are all a bit different, just send me an email and we can come up with pricing when we hash out the details.

What should I wear to my engagement or family shoot?

I'm not super picky. I'd rather you look like you than someone else. That being said, try not to wear too much black, and if you're going to be in a green forest, don't wear green, or in a blue ocean, don't wear blue, basically I just want to make sure you can be seen ;) Also, make sure you think you match whoever else is going to be in your photos (that's subjective, and it's your opinion that matters most). As long as you're happy with the way you look, I'll be happy as well.

Do you do same-sex/LGBTQ weddings/unions/partnerships?

Yep. If you want me to take pictures of your celebration of love and commitment, I'll be there.


What format will my photos be in?

Photos will be delivered in full resolution .jpg (up to 24 Mpx)

Can I have the RAW files/all the photos you took?

I'm afraid not. The RAW files in no way represent my finished work, as post processing is a big part of what we do as photographers, and you really don't need all the out of focus shots/pictures of the floor/pictures where you look like you have 5 chins. You just don't.

Do you bring a backup camera?

I will likely have three cameras with me for your photoshoot, and often carry two cameras at once for important moments, in case of equipment failure (it hasn't happened yet, but you can never be too careful).

What camera(s) do you use?

Although the camera doesn't make the photographer, it is their most important, and even defining tool. My primary camera is a Sony a9 (sorry Canon and Nikon, but I just don't like your cameras that much. No hard feelings, alright?), with a Sony a7iii as secondary/backup, and a couple other cameras laying in wait in my car should something go terribly wrong and the need arise.

What lenses do you usually use?

Getting a bit personal here, but alright ;) . I shoot most of the wedding day with a 35mm 1.4 and an 85mm 1.4. For other parts and purposes, I'll also pull a 90mm macro and a 16-35 2.8 out of my bag to get just the right shot. From time to time I'll use a 70-200, but I'm just not that big on zoom lenses.

What editing software do you use?

Capture One Pro

Mac or PC?

Mac... but let's not fight about this, okay?


What payment types do you accept?

I can accept cash, eTransfer (very common now) and all major credit cards. I regret that I can't currently accept debit or cheques.

Can I get my deposit back if my wedding is cancelled or rescheduled?

I'm afraid not. That money books the date and prevents me from booking other customers. If you're moving it to another date, as long as you and I are both available on that date, we'll just transfer the deposit to the new event.

Do you back up your work/Are my photos safe with you?

Yes. When I get home from your wedding/photoshoot, I import the photos to my computer, then back them up to two external drives (one of which goes in a fire safe), and to a remote cloud drive before I call it a night. Then I can sleep soundly knowing that your photos are on two SD cards, one computer, two external hard drives, and one remote server.


Who decides what sort of pictures we take?

We all do! I think that it should be a collaborative experience, so that the end product represents something unique and personal.

We have this crazy idea and we're not sure if you...

Please tell me all about it, and we'll make it work (unless it will get us arrested). If you have a great and unique idea, I'm all ears.


My wedding is almost an hour from Moncton. Does that cost extra?

Nope. I consider anything less than a one hour drive from my place to be fair game. Not everyone gets married downtown!

My wedding is 2 hours from Moncton. Does that cost extra?

For anything in excess of an hour I'm going to be asking for some gas money. Also, since I don't want to risk falling asleep at the wheel on my way home with your photos, any drive time in excess of that hour will chew into my shooting time on site (which is usually 12 hours). If I'm provided a hotel room after the wedding (sharing a futon with uncle Marty and the dog doesn't count, sorry), then I can still safely pull that 12 hour shift.


Is your business insured?

Yes, for both my own equipment/data, and liability.

Are you a legally registered company, or working under the table?

It's all above board. It's rolled into my prices, but 15% of all my sales go to the government for HST (even cash sales), and then they get the rest at income tax season ;)

Will there be a legal contract between us?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, you can download a copy of the wedding contract to review at your leisure.


Can I just send you a quick text?

You sure can. 506-870-0786

Can I contact you on...

...facebook, wedding wire, instagram, twitter, etc... I am in all those places, and would love for you to follow me and my work, but if we're getting down to business and making formal arrangements, I prefer that any important written communications be through email (info@wesperryphotography.com), for the sake of staying organized.