1 hour of shooting: $220 (applies to everything, including weddings*)

12 hour wedding day: $2500 (if you need more, see above)

12 hour wedding day + 1 hour engagement shoot: $2600

Wedding album: $180

Event photo booth: $250 for 2 hours (plus $1 per optional print)

Home real estate photography: $200/house

Commercial photography or videography: e-mail/call to arrange


No catches or extras. All the good photos are fully edited and given to you as either a download or for a wedding a USB key (around 500 photos for a full wedding day) to do with as you please. Your photos will be ready in less than a month, and typically in about 2 weeks.


For destination photography, just send me an email and we'll work out the details. I'd love to put a price on it, but each one is so different that I can't. But it's probably less than you think.


It's not always about a list of shots we need. It's about the people, and about finding the joy of life and the magic of light in every shoot. In the in between moments, and the personal movements you'll find what memories are really made of. I'll get the shots you need, but we'll also discover something new and unexpected each time.

My style is a mix of just about everything. I'll be a fly on the wall with candid/documentary for much of a wedding day, I'll shoot natural light when it works, but I'll also pull out the big guns and make something truly epic at least once or twice on a wedding day. I try keep things from getting too serious. I want to take some great pictures, but I also want everyone to have some fun while we're at it.

If you send me an email or leave me a message, I'll usually get back to you within minutes, not hours or days.

*Partial or hourly work can be scheduled no more than 6 months in advance


For any questions or booking inquiries, email, call, or even text me and I'll get back to you lickity-split!



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I have many interests in my life. I'm a musician, an actor, a photographer, and if you count my education, a technologist.

Keeping busy, I'm usually only available for photo shoots evenings and weekends. But drop me a line any time and I'll get back to you in no time.

-Wes Perry