Melissa & Julien's Wedding

It was finally here: my last wedding of the season. Many thoughts ran through my mind on the way to Melissa and Julien's wedding - would my wedding year end with a bang, or just kind of fizzle out? Would I manage to get through this whole slew of weddings without having a single disaster day? Well, I'll let you decide, but for me this day and the people in it definitely did not disappoint.

At the house, although I arrived early in the day, preparations were well underway when I arrived. I busied myself with the rings and things while the ladies got just a little bit more "prepared" for photos. It was shaping up to be a lovely day weather-wise as well...with the exception of that morning wind. There were a couple of moments out on the porch when I thought that the dress would much rather be a kite, but with the assistance of a bridesmaid, we managed to keep it on a pretty short leash.

Once the ladies were adequately primped (as if it was really necessary), I headed on over to see the boys. Somehow (and this doesn't happen often), they were already nearly ready when I arrived. Once I was sure that they had everything handled (and some pictures were taken), I headed on over to Moncton Golf and Country Club to get myself ready for the ceremony.

The mid October breeze sent a chill across the golf course, but the hot sun also beamed down, cutting through the trees. The ceremony itself, however, took place entirely in the shade, so you look closely, you might spot a couple of shivering people. Both eager to tie the knot, and to get back out into the sun, the happy ceremony was over before we knew it.

Down the road and to the covered bridge in Upper Coverdale we went. As we arrived, the sun was beginning to set, providing us with a beautiful, warm glow. And the sun wasn't the only thing that was radiant that day, as you'll see in the following... ;)

"Are you sure that's safe?"

"...probably not."

Not content with the angles I was getting, I decided to climb the inside structure of the bridge to get a better vantage point. Sometimes it's all about perspective.

Worth it.

At the reception I found myself momentarily confused on several occasions. "Hey, what's My last name doing on that cake??" In case you were wondering, the answer is No: there is no relation (at least that I'm aware of).

Now with her new (and obviously improved) last name, the party started. Lights and dancing, family and friends, congratulating and celebrating.

And as usual, what happens at the reception stays at the reception.

After this wedding day, I'm definitely looking forward to what 2017 has to bring.