Melissa & Julien Engagement

I've often felt like engagement shoots are little adventures. The things that you can't do (or often don't dare do) in a wedding dress are the things you have to do on these days. Whether it be climbing about a waterfall, trudging about a frozen beach, wandering through the deep woods, or scaling some nature park equipment, there's much fun to be had - even in your own back yard. While this wasn't anyone's back yard, it was Centennial Park, which is basically Moncton's back yard. The results ended up being no less magical for me:

You don't always have to get lost in the woods to find a little adventure, and you don't always need a sunset to find a warm glow (the sun that evening was nowhere to be found). Although these two were bright enough on their own, a little creative remote flash work sometimes does the trick as well ;)