Alisha & Andrew's Wedding

Today our story begins at the Music Barn in Sackville. Just a “short” 6 hour wedding shoot this time, a half-day if you will. I arrived on the scene with a promise of a punk-rock wedding followed by a barn-burner party, and I wasn’t disappointed.

We started our story with wedding party photos, and thankfully everyone was ready to give ‘er and have a good time. Each big group shot eventually turned into a metal album cover pose more epic than the last. Then when we finished up with the wedding party, we ran out into the field for some more intimate, but still equally fun couple shots.

Alisha’s dress and accessories were thoroughly customized with flower embroidery and a flower crown, looking as one with nature (but then totally epic once she put on the leather vest with everything else. I would have been totally fine with that look for the ceremony 😏).

Once the photos were done everyone had a few minutes of down time to spend with family and friends (both the fleshy and furry varieties), before the lines and teams were formed for the ceremony in the field.

As it often is at the Music Barn, the wind was blowing strong as they ran through the I Do’s, with everyone looking on in love and support.

Afterward, it was time to take off the heels and get into something more comfortable (but don’t worry, that flower crown isn’t going anywhere!). Just before the reception was due to begin, the sun lit up the clouds in a fiery sunset, so we ran back out into the fields for a few more shots. Obviously a one of a kind sunset calls for one of a kind silhouette pose: the airborne high five.

Then back in the Music Barn hall itself, after several roasts - i mean, speeches, the party got started and the dances began.

Oh, and don’t worry uncle Hank, I got the shot, you can probably put the phone away if you want 😏

Congrats on your awesome and unique barn-burner wedding, Alisha & Andrew! And thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of it!