Rianne & Scott's Wedding

This Saturday’s wedding starts just like any other: skeet shooting out on the farm. Oh, wait…

Bright and early I arrived at Scott’s place, then climbed into a pickup truck to head on out to the fields and see how good everyone’s aim was. I’m not one to shoot and tell, though, so you’ll just have to guess at who actually hit the disks. It was certainly a new and invigorating way to start the wedding morning ;)

After that I headed back into town to find the bridal party getting their hair and makeup finished up at La Spa, and soon after we bounced back up to Rianne & Scott’s place for the finishing touches and dresses.

Back to the fields!

In an idyllic little field cut into the midst of the corn rows, family and friends were seated on rows of hay bales. Wind whipped through the lace that adorned the wedding arch, and flower pedals lost while the children rearranged their baskets floated about on the breeze. It was in this perfect little spot, under the wide open blue sky, that the knot was tied.

We all stuck around for a little while to get some family pictures, as well as a few group shots before heading back to Rianne & Scott’s farm for the rest.

On the farm the world was just a little more alive. Birds flew overhead, livestock could be heard from the barn, and then soon enough we were all joined by Mischief, their prize winning cow (at least I assume she’s won some prizes. If not, I’d give her one), who added her personality to a bunch of the shots (of course everyone had to have their picture taken with her!).

Then we “worked the space”. I love having a few extra minutes to just look around for a new or interesting composition to capture. Even on a working farm, there is so much beauty to see. I especially enjoyed finding just the right spot where the sun was setting between the silos, and made for a fantastic “Stonehenge” shot.

Then everyone piled into the limo to head to La Teraz for the reception. Although I typically don’t travel in the limo, as I have a pile of stuff with me, I do love squeezing in for a few fun pictures before everyone is done with it ;)

The reception crowd was loud and alive, hilarious stories shouted over moving stories, dances broken up for more dances, and all the while everyone was having a blast.

Congratulations, Rianne & Scott! And thank you so much for inviting me to take part in you unique and beautiful wedding on the farm.