Josée & Simon's Wedding

What a beautiful day to have a wedding!

Our day begins at Josée’s parent’s place in Grande-Digue. The dress code was plaid for the morning (unfortunately neither I nor the dog got that memo), and the house was buzzing with bridesmaids and family as the makeup and hair were getting done in the living room. I headed outside with the dress and bling for some pictures in the cool morning light.

Even the dog got to dress up specially for the day, with her very own wedding collar (which Josée was obviously jealous of, and gave a little spin. Who wore it best??). And the dog wasn’t the only one with some gifts to open, as all the bridesmaids had a special bag and a note just for them (you don’t need to see the tears here…or know who had them 😉).

“Can we take this outside?”

It was so nice out that when everything was nearly ready, we moved outside for the finishing touches out on the deck, surrounded by northing but blue sky and nature.

Meanwhile, at Hotel Shediac, the guys were starting off their day (a little more on the later end of “meanwhile”, perhaps). Once again, the entourage had a gift bag waiting for them - this time in some sharp shaving kit bags with name tags. It was all very practical. Especially the “get out of jail free” bracelets, of course. Within no time they were all suited up, and then out on the balcony for a few fun group shots.

Once everyone everywhere was ready (well, all the important people on that day, at least), we headed out to Eglise de la Visitation in Grande-Digue. It was moving and joyous celebration, with lots of laughs and tears, in just the right amounts.

Everyone then spilled out of the church and simply walked around to the back for some green trees, blue skies, and a beautiful river-side view. After having some fun and taking our pictures with the wedding party there, I headed back to Josée’s family home for a few pictures with just the happy newlyweds (and the pup of honour), in the intimate, wooded setting of the back yard.

After a little break from all the hustle and bustle, everyone then headed out to Notre Centre de Grande-Digue for the reception.

Josée had been having some trouble with her bustle a little earlier, but thankfully she was well connected, having herself worked at Bridal Vision, and her team was on hand in the parking lot to make sure everything was working the way that it should before she made her grand entrance.

Family and friends excitedly greeted Josée and Simon as they came into the hall and made their rounds about the tables, receiving love and congratulations from everyone in the room.

After the first dances, I took a moment to get some wedding ring shots (as I didn’t have Simon’s ring in the morning), and of course I had to include that lovely wedding-matched dog collar as well.

Once the dance was well underway, and I had already snuck in enough awesome/embarrassing pictures of the celebrations, I packed up and headed back for Moncton.

Congratulations, Josée and Simon! And thank you so much for inviting me to document your gorgeous wedding day!