Abbie & Dan's Engagement

Let’s go for a drive!

Abbie & Dan wanted to get some classic NB scenery into their engagement shoot, and due to the alignment of travel schedules and tide tables, this shoot had to take place bright and early at sunrise at Cape Enrage. That meant we had to leave Moncton around 5:30am, making for a long, dark and groggy drive along the coast.

The park wasn’t technically opened yet, but a maintenance worker was kind enough to come out a little early to let us in. We arrived just as the sun, near the horizon, was reflecting a long golden trail across the water. A cold wind blew in from over the Bay of Fundy as we walked along the damp rocks of the ocean floor, looking for the best spots to make our memories.

We then hiked back up to the top of the cliffs and did a little exploring in and around the lighthouse (under very close supervision). By the time we were done the air had warmed and the wind had slowed, and the mosquitos chased us back down the drive to the park.

What a gorgeous way to start the day! Maybe I should make a habit of it…

Then again, sleep is also nice - from time to time ;)