Chantal & Brandon's Engagement

It’s time to go somewhere new! As much as the usual places around town can be familiar and “easy”, it’s definitely nice to get out of town and find something new and exciting from time to time. Especially on a day like this, with a sunset like the one we were about to get.

We met with Chantal & Brandon out at the parking lot to the Irving Eco-Centre (Bouctouche Dunes/la Dune de Bouctouche). As much as I loved this location, I can’t say that I was super prepared for the kilometre of boardwalk that we had to pass to get to the perfect spot. I found out a little later why I was actually unusually reluctant about the trek (not that I would have said anything), and I’ll fill you in on that one after you’ve seen the pictures ;)

The cool air got colder as we walked along the boardwalk, and the skies were aggressively overcast for most of this time, but a few minutes after we reached the corner of the beach we were looking for, the sun finally broke through the clouds, and illuminated everything above and around us. We had a blast with them (just to be clear, I usually have an assistant with me, so when I saw “we”, it’s not a royal we, but actually grammatically accurate 🤓 - that day it was Leanne). Brandon even was kind enough to turn his guitar over to Chantal for a few shots. As a musician, I do know how hard that can be sometimes. He even let me handle it a bit for the ring shots!

Once I felt like we had captured all the amazing shots we could, the temperature was dropping fast, and I kinda felt like I was dying, and we began our trek back to the cars. On our way back the sunset continued to progress, and turned into a shade of pink/red that I’m not even sure that my eyes have seen before. I held steadfast in my belief that we already got “the good stuff” and I kept walking, starting to get a bit dizzy. Once I finally made it home I discovered that I had a fever of 103.4, and then spent the next day or two in bed. Whoops! I don’t think I’ve had a fever like that since I was a teenager, so it hadn’t even crossed my mind.

But hey, I think I got the shot, and that’s what counts 😏 #safetythird

Can’t wait to see you both again later this year for the big day!