Hubcity Foodies at Bistro 33

You know what? One of my favourite kinds of photoshoots is the unexpected kind. Less time to fret about gear and planning, just grab a camera and some lighting and do what I do.

When Jason from Hubcity Foodies contacted me about documenting the evening, though I was already pressed for time that day, I was on board before he finish explaining (don't tell him how easily persuaded I am).

At Bistro 33, a surprising number of expectant foodies were already crowded into the restaurant when I arrived, having just finishing shooting and backing up a wedding*, and quickly started making a plan. And then changing that plan.

I started with the patrons (you won't find them here, they didn't sign any model releases and they were there to eat, not to be on the internet), then moved to the kitchen and food once the demo plates were ready.

The evening began with a guided wine tasting of multiple varieties, and then on to a multi-course meal introduced and explained by chef Marc as the evening progressed.

But you can only take a picture of a plate of food so many times, so I decided to switch to video, and am I glad that I did. I wish I had a little b-roll of the chef talking about the dishes to voice-over the video, but I changed tack a bit too late to make those arrangements (maybe next time, Jason? 😉). But please feast your senses on all that you missed:

If you've planning on being in the Moncton area, follow Hub City Foodies on facebook to see what great experiences they have planned next. And likewise, head over to Bistro 33 any time for some top notch eats.

*I never do anything after a wedding until it's been backed up in three places and the cloud first, this day was no different