Alicia & Chris' Wedding

It began seemingly like any other wedding day of this summer: with a forecast of rain. This one was only planned to be a little sprinkle though, and with all the water my cameras had already made it through, I wasn't terribly concerned. I headed out to find the bridal party.

The house was already filled with the smell of bacon frying, and the sounds of laughter when I arrived. Which is, from what I hear, a pretty great way to start a day.

With everyone looking perfect and radiant, I headed north to find the men. The first thing I found was a dog that Really didn't like me. I guess I'm not a "dog person", but he didn't have to hold it against me the Entire time. The cat was indifferent to my presence, as one might expect. He clearly loved me.

The men were suited up before I could say 'say cheese' (actually I'm not sure that I've ever uttered those words in my life), and soon the groom was handing out his impenetrable gifts to the groomsmen. At first he made them promise not to use blades to open them, but that soon proved to be impossible, and after much effort inside was found some shiny irony: knives. There was initially some confusion about where/how they were to be worn for the occasion. (see below)

We then took a quick trip to grandma's house, as she wouldn't be able to make it in to the wedding in the field. They also took a few minutes to get her up to speed on the silly things the family was up to, thanks to the magic of smartphones.

Our next destination was Country Lane, which at first I thought was a highly unspecific description of a location, but it turns out is actually a real, lovely little place that hosts weddings in the field, and receptions in a barn near Turtle Creek, NB.

On our way out, as is customary, it rained suddenly and was over just before the wedding was to begin, the sun quickly burning off much of the water (at least whatever was left after the wedding planner hastily towelled down all the benches). Even so, the DJ and sound provider Krysta Jay and officiant John Merks weren't taking any chances and remained vigilant. (see below)

Family and friends, some more festively dressed than others filed in to take their places, now with the hot sun shining down on their beautiful location.

Soon we were headed to a nearby grove for some photos with family, then on a tractor bed to ride into the fields for some wedding party photos. After some frolicking, some play time chasing bugs, and possibly a sun burn or two, we all loaded back up onto the tractor and headed in to the reception barn.

Outside the barn the BBQ was enthusiastically sizzling (not sure if I'm talking more about the BBQ or it's enthusiastic chef), even cooking up a veggie burger or two (one less Soylent for me to drink that day). The barn was lit up with what seemed like a thousand little lights, with laughter and magic in the air.

Great stories were told, and tears of all sorts were shed. Once the sun had finished setting, we headed outside for a little fun with sparklers*, and then one last romantic shot with the lights of the reception barn in the background. 

All in all it was a beautiful day, filled with heartfelt moments, and celebration with family and fiends. Congratulations, Alicia and Chris! And thanks for inviting me to be a part of your one of a kind day.



*Side note: I feel like sparklers must have made them out of something much more dangerous when I was a kid, because at every wedding where they pull them out they are Super hard to light up. Except for that one that had a welding torch. That'll do it.**


**Don't do this.