Kristen & Craig's Wedding

It's time for something just a little different. A wedding almost entirely taking place at a classic inn in another province (it's just Nova Scotia, let's not go crazy here). At the Apothic Inn in Amherst, NS, I found the bride to be and her sister getting ready in the master suite of the old inn.

Upstairs the men were doing their best to avoid getting ready (shhh). But when the moment (and the parents) came, it didn't take long to suit up. Soon they were dressed to the nines and headed out onto the front lawn for a few family pictures, before the main event began.

In the main dining room, overlooking the beautiful gardens beside the inn, family and friends were gathered and seated for the ceremony. Sunlight streamed in from the wide French doors, and their family beamed with pride while watching the vows being exchanged.

Soon after we all went out onto the lawn for more photos with family. Once that was all buttoned up, we hit the road and took a quick trip out to the Nova Scotia Visitor's Centre (yeah, it wasn't what I was picturing when I first heard that phrase either). I don't think we have any "visitor's centres" quite so picturesque in New Brunswick. A great curving walkway covered with a vine wrapped pergola, a secluded little garden walk, and a view overlooking an expansive field, where the sun sets over the horizon (or perhaps would have had clouds not decided to descend at that exact moment).

Back at the inn, the dining room was rearranged from the ceremony space of earlier, back to a home for the reception. I'm not sure the room was really designed to accommodate quite so many people, as lovely and well appointed as it is, so I had to restrict my movements a bit, so as to not step on/over any unsuspecting grandparents.

Congratulations, Kristen & Craig! And thanks for inviting me to be a part of you unique and beautiful day!