Jennifer & Michel's Wedding

The second to last wedding of 2017 was a bit of a whirlwind, so hang on tight! We start our story at the bride's house where the whole bridal party was getting ready for the big day. As soon as I came through the door and saw the chandelier above the tall staircase I thought, "I'm gonna hang something off of that." And so I did (see below). Further inside, the tall windows in the living room made my job pretty easy, with perfect morning light filling the room as hair and makeup (and expert-level snacks) got underway.

Once all the primping and fitting and gifts were out of the way, the bride's father arrived, while she was carefully sequestered for the big reveal. Long story short: both her father and her son were pretty pleased with what they saw. :)

We then headed out to the Irving Arboretum in Bouctouche (after a stop at grandma's place), where we had another reveal in store for us. Just when I thought that the father was expressive, Michel certainly did not disappoint either (or rather, he was certainly not disappointed, either - as if that was ever an option). We hung around the chapel with the wedding party for some group photos, before heading out to the reception destination: La Pays de la Sagouine. But wait, it's not time for the reception yet! We just wanted to get a few pictures with everyone there while the sun was still out, and along the boardwalk while there was still some time to spare.

You know when you've brought everything you need for a photo shoot, except for one tiny, yet impossibly pivotal object, which you left in the car and then have to run up hill and across La Pays de la Sagouine and back to get it while the videographer get his shots, and then come back panting but glad you've stayed in running shape for wedding season? No? Neither do I. Just...asking for a friend, or whatever.

After that we headed Back to the Irving Arboretum (they're not terribly far from one another) for family photos, and maybe a couple more romantic shots while we still had a few minutes to spare. I never seem to know when to quit ;)

Our next stop, for the main event, was Église de la Visitation in Grande-Digue for a gorgeous (and at times even hilarious) Catholic wedding.

The sun began to set on our way back to La Pays de la Sagouine, this time for the reception proper. Never one to let a good sunset pass, though, we first went out to the patio overlooking the river for a few romantic shots before everyone headed inside for the announcements and dances.

George Belliveau performed a heartfelt song or two for the first dances, before kicking things up a notch when his whole band took the stage to keep the night lively. I love having a band at a reception - so many more action shots to take. You can only take so many pictures of the DJ at their board/laptop before they start getting lippy ;)

Congratulations, Jenn and Michel! And thanks for inviting me to be a part of your adventure!