Monica & Sebastien's Wedding

Our day begins at the Crowne Plaza in Moncton, in a suite with wide windows overlooking the morning cityscape. With the doors to the adjoining rooms opened, the space was expansive. Even then, with so many family and close friends milling about, getting ready, you couldn't toss a garter without hitting someone.

(And be sure to have a look at her father's face when Monica walked into the room. Priceless.)

Let me introduce you to the special guest member of the wedding party: those shoes. They just kept creeping into my shots, I swear I don't know how ;)

Back at the house, Seb and his troop were doing their best to look like they were getting ready. 

Sebastien headed over to the hotel a bit early for his own first look. The staff at the Crowne opened up one of their convention rooms just for the event. As always, the details of how that went down will remain a closely guarded secret ;)

As they shared a moment at the top floor, the limo pulled up on the street level, and soon took us all to Moncton High School and then Victoria Park for some group shots before the ceremony.

Destination: Cocoa Room!

After a bit too much sun and a bit too much heat, everyone was pretty jazzed about heading to the nicely air conditioned space they had waiting for them at The Cocoa Room in Riverview. They quickly headed inside to hide away from the sun while their guests began to gather on the waterfront and find their spots.

When the time came (or perhaps a minute to two after, due in part to a small misunderstanding with the dog bearing ring bearer), they walked down the windswept aisle to the flowing arches at the end. Rings and vows and tears were exchanged as the sun began to set behind the happy couple. 

Once the ceremony ended, the diligent staff of the Cocoa Room quickly began to clean up the space, and put away all the decorations.

"Can you leave those drapes up for a few minutes?" 

"They'll just be blowing around and in your way!" 

"I certainly hope so!"

As soon as they hit the reception, the dances started (possibly a bit to my surprise...), and everything kept rolling from there. Including a special serenade by the maid of honour (which may or may not be on the internet somewhere).

All in all, a fantastic day. Congratulations, Monica & Sebastien (and Monica's shoes). And thanks for letting me take part in your magical day!