Anne & Brad's Wedding

They'd been together for a long time, but then one day came the ring. Friends, both old and new, headed into town and around to join them on their day. Our story begins in Riverview with the ladies, on a patio, catching up on old times, and getting ready for the new times.

Then a short trip out to Shediac to check in with the men, who I'm sure had been up and about long before I arrived ;) If you've been paying close attention in the past, you might see some familiar faces and places here.

At St. Lawrence O'Toole, in a quiet ceremony (did I ever mention that my camera doesn't make any sound for ceremonies? Quiet as a mouse, I am), they tied the knot, kissed, and led their family and friends back out of the chapel.

We then returned to our previous destination in Shediac for pictures with everyone (all the important people, at least). Now that the ceremony over with, it was time to start kicking off their shoes, both literally and figuratively! I'm always thrilled when everyone is ready to have little fun.

At the reception, as much fun as everyone was having, there was a casualty: the mirror ball. I'm just glad that I didn't get in the way of that mighty bouquet toss ;) Luckily the groom was on site to pick up the pieces.

Congratulations, Anne & Brad, it was a beautiful day to remember!