Roxanne & Derek's Wedding

The day began cool and bright, the grass still wet with the rains from the days before. The ladies gathered together to do each other's hair and makeup, but mostly just to enjoy the morning (and the mimosas). The balcony was a fantastic place for the preparations - great light for me, and relaxed and breezy for everyone busy getting ready.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (okay, there were no ranches on that day, we were just in riverview...ranches are still to come), the men were suiting up, the groom with a little help from just about everyone in the place. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but it at the very least takes a family to suit a groom ;)

We then headed out to our destination - Sackville Music Barn - to make things official. The sun glowed through the windows behind them as they exchanged their vows with joy. Then family and friends met them outside in a grand crowd, like the rockstars they clearly are.

It was then time for a day on the town in Sackville for some photos. From the park to the street to the covered bridge, they were chauffeured around in style in a glittering Ford Fairlane (as you've probably noticed in the pictures).

Back to the music barn, and the party started. After some moving speeches, and a romantic dance, the live music then began, and the dancing continued long after it was time for me to pack up my camera and go.

Congratulations, Roxanne & Derek! I hope the rest of your married days are as much fun as the first one was! :)