Baukje & Marc's Wedding

Take a look back at their engagement shoot!

Take a look back at their engagement shoot!

"Have you ever been to a Dutch wedding before?" she said with a slightly sinister smile. Sounds like we're already off to a great start :)

I headed back out to the farm on Homestead Rd, where we once had a run through the fields for Baukje & Marc's engagement shoot (click over there for more 👉🏻), and things were pretty quiet when I first arrived. That didn't last long.

Soon there were family members from all over trickling in to the house. Family from the Netherlands who spoke only Dutch, family from all over New Brunswick who spoke mostly French, and children who couldn't understand a word one another spoke, playing as though this was any other day to go for a run out in the sun.

Back over with the men, everything came together lickity-split. For the first time they got ready so quickly I was actually left with a bunch of extra time (I usually allot myself 45-60 minutes with the guys, and they were prepped in all of 25), so we headed out into the yard for some tomfoolery (much of which won't be appearing on here ;) )

Everyone headed to the farmhouse for the traditional handing off of the bouquet (a Dutch tradition, or so I am told). The groom gives the bride the bouquet, but they're still not allowed to see each other. In this particular case, Baukje then handed Marc a sign that said "You can do this"... as if there was ever any doubt.

In the bright afternoon sun, they stood under an arch that said "Most & Finite" (a slip of the tongue that became a motto), and with friends in the Netherlands looking on via Skype, the two became one.

We didn't have to go very far for some beautiful surroundings in which to take our family and bridal party formal photos ("formal" photos)...actually we mostly just had to work around all the family milling about everywhere.

"Are you afraid of heights?"

"Nope...and I like where this is going." Next thing you know, I'm up in a tractor bucket to take a picture of the whole crew. I managed to get a shot of Baukje and Marc while I was still up there as well. Always nice to get a new vantage point from time to time ;)

Heavy Kevy's food truck was already steaming, filled with everyone's orders for the reception, by the time we were finishing up with photos, so obviously that process had to be fully documented as well. (Including the photobomber in the food truck).

It's the stuff that wedding photographers dream of: As the first dance was beginning, the sun, setting across the field outside the tent, suddenly began streaming through the tent window behind them. The tent was bathed in warm yellow light as the music began. By the time her father stepped onto the dance floor for his turn, the sun was already disappearing, and it was back to using my flashes again.

After the dances were done, we hopped back outside for a few minutes to take advantage of the violet skies left in the wake of that gorgeous sunset. All in all a beautiful day.

Congratulations, Baukje & Marc!