Heather & Joshua's Wedding

There's a certain amount of stress removed from a wedding day when you know you're not going to be travelling more than 50 meters in any particular direction. And that leads us to the one destination for Heather & Joshua's wedding: The Magnetic Hill Winery. There for the prep time, there for the ceremony, there for the party, and there for the night.

The small group (and who wants a crowd anyway?) gathered early in the B&B, and I soon got to work on the rings and things. Geeking out photographer warning: props to Blue Nile Jewelry, because that was one of the sharpest diamonds I've ever seen in my life. Just look at that thing. Look at it! Okay, okay, I'll move on...

The ladies had to sequester themselves upstairs as the groom arrived to get adequately boutonnièred below. Soon more family and friends arrived and ran upstairs to gush over the bride as her bridesmaids gave her the finishing touches.

That's a lot of watch checking, Josh. She'll be there when she gets there. But seriously, she totally wasn't late. I think he just didn't want to be caught off guard ;) He probably was, anyway. They always are :)

After the ceremony we took a short tour about the Winery grounds for some photos and some fooling about. Equal amounts of both is usually ideal.

Behind the winery in the tent, the party was getting started. Cupcakes and locally grown wine were in abundance (I suppose that the cupcakes might have been locally grown as well...I didn't ask...), and most of the crowd was eager for the happy couple to kick off the dance.

My "very professional photographer" hat had to be "borrowed" (I wasn't aware of this initially) to accessorize a dance floor engulfing Billie Jean performance that closed out my night. And after that was over, what more could I possibly have to photograph anyway? So I packed it up and called it a night. ;)

Congratulations, Heather and Josh! And thanks for letting me be a part of your big day!