Baukje & Marc's Engagement

Far up on the homestead road (at least far from my point of view) we began at an old rock wall by the highway. Things were already a bit 'photographically' busy at the wall, so we didn't stick around for long.

We then headed to Baukje's parent's place, where we wandered about the farm, looking for interesting things. After a bit of fun on the tree swing, they did a little reading on a couple of the old chairs that they're collecting for the wedding (in case you missed it, a very old book book titled "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", which I sure is perfectly politically correct today ;)

When the sun finally reached the horizon, we took some silhouettes in the field, and the sky did not disappoint!

I can hardly wait for our next day on the farm: the day they get married. Hopefully that sunset will also be invited to the wedding ;)