Melissa & Jamie's Wedding

This time it didn't take a long journey to a lost waterfall in the heart of a forest to find these two. Instead we found ourselves in the heart of Riverview, to the family property where everything was set up for the big day. Finishing touches were being added to the tent in the field, with family and friends running about when I arrived.

Not far away, the men were stalling - I mean - getting ready! Soon after I arrived, Jamie surprised the groomsmen with matching carved wooden watches, which they all took to much more readily than they did the shoes ;)

When the time came to head to the tent, the old white GMC was brought around to ferry the ladies across the field in style. With ease and laughter, they tied the knot.

We headed out into the back field for some tomfoolery and some photos. Quite possibly more of the former than the latter, but I'm afraid that I can't show you many of those photos ;) You'll have to use your imagination. The old tractor was pulled out of mothballs for some rusty romantic shots, and much to my surprise, it still ran better than my old Mazda did.

I can't help but include at least one photo of the slightly extravagant on site "sanitary services". Bigger than some fifth-wheels, and (so I'm told) smelling like a bed of roses, the crowd was well served.

The BBQ sizzled on as the wedding party and guests chatted and reminisced. And what's that you see? Why yes, it's the shoe game!

As a picturesque end to the evening, they planned on lighting over a hundred Chinese lanterns at one time. The lanterns proved to be much more reluctant to launch than expected, and we instead ended up with dozens of intimate, individual launches that proved to be just as, if not more, photographically friendly. Slowly a warm glow began to encompass the crowd, as face by face they were lit, and then, as they rose into the sky, the field darkened again, and the tent party continued into the night.