Joy & Graham ~ North Bay Wedding Photography

The morning started at the hair salon, one operated by the groom's father, appropriately enough. Smoothies, snacks, snark, and matching yoga pants, are among the things I can't show you, so we'll just move right along ;)

Meanwhile, at the groom's house, the groomsmen got ready in short order, and were surprised with matching watches and custom Marvel cuff links from the groom. The groom, in turn, was surprised with a matching watch from the bride! (Delivered with comedic wit by the photographer, of course)

And then, with hair and makeup in place, bridal preparations moved to the house in the midst of the beautiful garden where the wedding would take place.

After the wedding, it was off to the community centre for pizza and family stories. Then soon after that, we relocated to the club for the dance.

Congratulations, Joy and Graham!