Stormy Skies

I excitedly awaited two family photo shoots in Callendar, Ontario, as the weather was calling for a beautiful, slightly cloudy sunset. Then we arrived at the park to see nothing but thick, bright, roiling clouds. It looked like we were in the middle of a hurricane, but without the wind. The temperature dipped as well, and jackets were zipped. We were only in Ontario for a few days, so we couldn't delay until another time, so we moved forward anyway!

The light was interestingly diffuse, but it made for some very strange colours and skin tones, faces taking on the color of grass and trees from all the reflected light. A grey haze of gloomy light lay on everything not lit by the greenery. 

I tried balancing the colors And faking some sunlight as best I could in post, but it still proved problematic.

Interetingly enough, what it did provide was some amazingly clear light for black and white conversions. All that to say, there is a reason why this gallery is largely in black and white ;)

We started with Mike & Amy +1, and someone just didn't want to sit still for a moment! There was a lot of running and chasing going on: 

Andrew & Kate +1 arrived, and after a brief chase, things settled down a bit. I was told to expect some chasing during this shoot, but instead he was a very helpful subject most of the time! (With the exception of a fair amount of tongue pointing...but what else can you expect at that age?)

In a slightly frustrating epilogue, about 45 minutes later, there was indeed a fantastic end of a sunset over the lake. Maybe next year we'll catch it.

But until then, we still have this year's smiles and laughter saved.