Bobby & Christina ~ Moncton Wedding Photography

What began as a wedding shoot quickly became an engagement shoot, which then included the rehearsal dinner evening as well. I've grown as a photographer as I've seen them grow as a couple, and I've gotten to meet their wonderful friends and families along the way.

I shot over 4000 images over the two days of the wedding and rehearsal, and it became a trial of endurance, while also a time of joy, to join these two as they ran headlong, laughing and smiling, into marriage.

On the rehearsal night there were friends, family, food, fun and games.

Then came the big day. Bright and early they started preparations at the inn, with the sun streaming in through the windows, family milling about preparing and eating.

Then finally we all headed out to the beach for the big event. The sun was high and bright in the sky, and I think just about everyone came back a little bit redder from that beautiful ceremony.

Afterward, as the sun was setting, festivities continued, and eventually wound to a close, and we watched the the happy couple drive off into (the opposite direction of) the sunset.