Amanda & Christopher's Wedding

Come to Sackville, they said. It’ll be a blast, they said.

And they were right!

We start our wedding day at cute and quirky Air bnb that the bridal party had rented to gather together, and the hair stylist and makeup artist had just arrived. The morning was crisp and cool, but as soon the sun came out, it was obvious that it wasn’t going to be taking it easy on us that day. We were in for a hot one!

After everyone was ready, Chris headed behind the cottage to wait for his first look. His face does a much better job of telling that story than my words ever will.

Stepping back in time a little, while the ladies were still busy with hair and makeup, I popped out to visit the guys at the Marshland Inn. Being a huge nerd myself, I especially appreciated the TNG ties and starfleet emblem pocket watch that became a part of their attire (as it should be a part of any wedding attire, of course).

Before the wedding, it was time for all “the pictures”. We headed over to the Sackville Waterfowl Park, and after I led everyone astray for a couple minutes, we even found the right entrance/parking lot for the park ;)

By this time it was sweltering and the mid-day sun was beating down on us. After the group pictures we sought some shade along the path for some more private couples pictures, and then finally found some air conditioning at the Cranewood Bakery, not too far away. Everyone rested up and cooled off for a few minutes, and had some cool drinks and snacks, before heading out to the ceremony site.

The wind was whipping through the trees and through everyone’s hair (well…almost everyone) when we got to The Music Barn. That’s better than being too warm, right? I certainly don’t mind, as I love seeing the wind in people’s hair and dresses and veils, it imparts a sense of movement to the pictures that is just lovely to me. After a last minute decision to keep the ceremony outdoors, even at the risk of someone blowing away, things got underway.

Congratulations and well wishes in the field outside the barn (as well as, apparently, the cover shoot for the Chris’ forthcoming 90’s rap album) , and then into the shelter of the Music Barn itself. Amanda and Chris had a quick practice for their first dance (don’t go telling me that makes it the second dance!), and I’m so glad that I snuck in for a few quiet pictures of that.

Then the party started. Food, donuts (still food, but better food - they were amazing!), first dances, a lego building contest between the tables, flower tossing and a photo booth. The evening rolled on, and then the party evolved into the group dance.

A truly wonderful day with some truly wonderful people. Congratulations, Amanda & Chris, and thank you so much for letting me take part in your day!