Danielle & Christian's Wedding

Good morning! Our wedding day begins bright and early at SoulFlower SalonSpa in north end Moncton. This was my first visit to the (at the time) relatively new studio, and I was immediately pretty happy to be there. The large front windows cast warm natural light throughout most of the space, and the red brick and wooden window accent walls made for a lovely setting in which to start our day.

The bride, bridesmaids, and some family and friends all gathered there to be pampered and prepared for the day. With snacks and champagne on hand, it was a perfect and relaxing way to start a wedding day.

Meanwhile just a little further north, the men (both big and small) began getting ready at the Hampton Inn & Suits.

Nothing but blue skies today! Well, maybe it was occasionally overcast and windy, but we’ll choose to remember this day however we want to, okay? ;)

At the Royal Oaks Golf Club, the bridesmaids and family were making sure everything was prepared for the ceremony. They were ready a little early, so we decided to take a few pictures near the ceremony site while we waited.

Everyone gathered at the gazebo for the beautiful ceremony, then we stepped just a few feet to the side for some pictures with family. After, the wedding party piled into a caravan of golf carts for pictures together out on the green.

Once I had taken some pictures of them driving out, I got into my cart and - and nothing. It wouldn’t start. So my assistant and I moved all our photography equipment into the next cart down the line and - well, that one wouldn’t budge either. Needless to say, by the time we got going down the winding golf club trails, the wedding party had a pretty strong head start on us. Which just gave them a chance to relax and have some refreshments before we crashed their party for more pictures. And my apologies to Leanne for the speed at which I drove the cart through the course to catch up with them ;)

After the photos our entourage headed back to the golf club for the reception. The flower girls were already dancing before anything even officially began (which actually happens reasonably often in my experience…and isn’t a bad way of getting everyone else into the festive spirit, so don’t stop dancing, kids!)

After some first dances, some family dances, some group dances, and some cupcakes, we had a surprise visit from Maui! He had a special song and dance prepared to celebrate the birthday of a special attendee of the wedding. Some of the guests who didn’t have children weren’t quite sure who he was, for some reason. But when has Maui ever let that stop him? ;)

Congratulations, Danielle and Christian! And thank you for inviting me to be a part of your beautiful and one of a kind wedding day!