Renée & Michel's Wedding

It's time for a little wedding at Little Louis' restaurant in Moncton.

I was contacted by a friend of the couple just a couple weeks before the wedding, as they weren't sure about having a photographer there, since they were trying to keep things as simple as possible. (Insert obligatory comment about the importance of having a photographer at any wedding). Would I be available for a wedding on such short notice??

Come on guys, it's January. What else am I going to be doing on a Saturday night? Eating Doritos and watching Deep Space Nine, that's what. Did I just say that out loud?

"Uhh...I think I can make it work."

The back room of the restaurant was gussied up for their event, but I had to take a few minutes (and a few helpful hands) to move some chairs around to make room for a few family photos before the ceremony. We didn't have a lot of time, so one thing just rolled into another, and next thing you know it was time for one final pre-wedding selfie, and then they were standing before the officiant to say their vows (and link their chains).

Everyone involved up front was an engineer, as signified by their pre-existing steel rings, and as such, the description of love and commitment was a slightly more tensile metaphor than usual.

After it was all said and done, I stuck around for a few more minutes to get a few shots of the lovely wedding rings (perhaps just a little finer than the steel bands already on their hands), before heading out again.

Congratulations, Renée & Michel! It was short, sweet, and uniquely yours. And that last part is really the most important anyway ;)