Jessica & Denis' Engagement

For the last engagement shoot of 2017, on a cold December day, I headed out to Memramcook to see Jessica & Denis. Although the sun was brilliant in the sky all day, it was still so cold that you could feel your eyebrows freeze when you stepped outside (if you don't live in Canada: yeah, that's a thing). I was so bundled up that I was just eyes peering out from insulation, so for them, taking off their coats wasn't really an option. Jess convinced Denis to take his hat off a couple times, but being "follically disadvantaged" myself, I totally understood when it went back on again

We walked around the farm for about a half an hour (at least I think it was a farm, but under all that snow, it's a bit hard to tell). Before taking the ring pictures, we went back inside to warm up a bit, as it's hard to operate a camera when you can't move your fingers. Also, I wanted them to get some hot coffee going both for myself and for the steamy pictures I had in mind for later.

Pretty steamy, eh? 😏

While I was hoping for the setting sun to cast a golden glow into the back of the ring shots, the stark white expanse of cold snow ate up all other colours, and the resulting minimalism of the photos turned out to be some of my favourite macro shots ever.

After just a couple more sunset pictures, my frozen finger could no longer press the shutter button, so I packed up the cold metal cameras and lenses, cranked up the heat in my car, and defrosted myself all the way home.

See you again in October!