Teagan & Phil's Engagement

Our third engagement shoot of the weekend takes us out to Sainte-Marie-de-Kent NB, for a little exploring in Teagan & Phil's rather expansive back yard (I suppose the word is actually 'farm', but let's not get lost in the details).

We wandered all over the place that evening. Starting by the barn and the hay bales, we spent some time with their dog (who was a little more interested in playing than posing), then ventured off into the woods, where the sun disappeared behind the trees. I brought my own lights in, of course, so things didn't get too spooky in there.*

I kept an eye on the outside world, and once the sun had sunk a little further, we climbed back out of the gully, and the wide open spaces lent themselves to some delightful silhouettes. My eyes were watering as I aimed the camera straight into the sun, which seemed unusually bright that evening, even as it dimmed and yellowed on its usual descent. The cloudless sky gave no relief, nor did it offer any clouds to complicate the background.

"You guys just go hang out over there and have some fun."

They were well prepared for that request, apparently.

On our way back to the house, we stopped in to visit the horse, who very quickly decided to be camera shy (...or just didn't like me. But obviously it was the former).

Before we knew it, our little adventure around the farm was over, and I drove back to Moncton while the sky slipped into twilight.

*Wouldn't want to have some pale green pants sneak up on us.