Stephanie & Zach's Wedding

What began as a rainy week broke out into a beautiful weekend for a wedding. Our day began at La Spa on Mountain Rd. There the day began with hair and makeup, and the bride's daughter getting to spend some quality time with her aunt, home for the wedding. Eventually I even figured out that there were two wedding parties there that day, and even managed to not take any photos of the other group. Although I'm sure their day was lovely as well...just not as lovely as Stephanie's of course ;)

I headed back to the Maid of Honour's house in Dieppe a little early so I could get my hands on the shiny things before everyone else arrived. And did you see that engagement ring? I mean, did you? Wowzers. Good work, Zach!

Then the bride and soon the whole family arrived to primp and poke at the bride, and get her ready for the main event. Thankfully there was lots of time for little family moments as well. I tried to stay out of my way as best I could (as usual), and just go with the flow.

Then we were off to the Moncton Press Club for the ceremony. By the time we arrived the hall was already packed with family and friends waiting for the stars to show. Everything went off without a hitch (well, except for the getting hitched part), and although the words "pinterest fail" were uttered, it all worked out perfectly in the end.

Just behind the press club we stepped out into Moncton's Riverfront Park for the family and wedding party photos. We had a great time in the sun (by the end I think a couple of the men were looking a bit rosy from too much sun), and were in and out in a jiffy, but for the occasional moment where we had to let a few of the 'locals' walk through our scene. Next time I'm going to see the city about closing off the whole park for the wedding photos. Or maybe the downtown? I'm sure they'll be perfectly agreeable if I ask nicely. ;)

The hall might have been small (just ask the photographer squeezing between tables), but it was packed with some of the most beautiful wedding arrangements I've ever seen. I can't share it all with you, because, someone's got to make the hard choices.

In the end, it was truly magical day, because there was a ton of extra pizza and they gave me some to take home. Kidding. It was magical because Stephanie & Zach had a truly lovely wedding, and their family and friends had a great day together, celebrating their union. :)


But that pizza was pretty great, too.