Julie & Eric's Wedding

I suppose that they can't all be sunny days.

Throughout the week we watched the forecast go from bad to worse to sort of okay to "lets just take the photos mostly inside" (although I won't admit it to Julie, I was watching the weather with just as much inner turmoil as she was! Wait, did I just admit it to Julie?...)

Our day began at the Delta Beausejour in downtown Moncton. The gloomy overcast sky outside actually ended up casting a beautiful light into the hotel room's wide windows. The hairdresser dressed the hair in the hotel room, and then we headed down to the Opal21 Spa on the main floor of the Delta hotel (convenient?) for makeup. We definitely had to make a stop on the way back And the way out to get some photos by the beautiful lobby lighting.

Everyone ended up being ready ahead of schedule (shocking for a wedding day, I know!), and we had a little time to visit some other parts of the hotel for photos. I can neither confirm, nor deny, that one of those locations was the hotel bar ;)

After everyone was perfectly glowing and radiant, we headed out to the Thomas Williams House on Park Street in Moncton for our first indoor photo session, including the wedding party and family (and the lovely bouquets). Since the ceremony was still to come, we of course had to start with a first look. And why should I tell you about it when you can just have a peek below:

I always ask if the couple would like to do something "unusual" for their photos (and often then get a look that says they didn't quite get my meaning), but their idea came without prompting, and I was genuinely excited: they loved hanging out at Chapters, so why not take some wedding photos there? It's great to have a real change of scenery from time to time :)

Once we finished up with the books and coffee, it was finally time for the big moment. In the beautiful, hidden poolside terrace of La Teraz, family and friends were gathered, and wedding vows (and smiles) were exchanged. I once again managed to not fall into the pool while running about taking photos from different angles (that's 2 for 2 now!), and even convinced them to dip their toes in for a moment (I won't be sharing the look on their faces when they realized how cold it was, sorry!).

With incriminating stories and much laughter (and maybe a couple tears), the reception began. Soon the couple were dancing in the pale twilight of the day's waning grey sky, then the peace ended, and the party started.

And, of course, before I could leave, we had to go outside for just one more dramatic shot with that gazebo overlooking the pool. I just can't resist a good romantic reflection ;)

Thanks for inviting me to take part in your beautiful day, Julie & Eric.