Stephanie & Kyle's Engagement

Last time we had a chat, we went somewhere that I had never been before, but always wanted to visit. This time? Somewhere I had never even heard of, but will likely be back to see again some day: Mill Creek Nature Park in Riverview.

The paths leading into the park are still fresh from their construction, the road leading out to the park still rutted from the unexpected traffic of the location. I pared down my equipment and packed what I could into a bag and we set off down the trail to find the dam and waterfall (is it still called a waterfall when it's man-made?).

We hiked to the top of the dam and watched the sun set through the trees, then climbed back down to the dam to have some fun near the water. I may have had to remove a tree jammed in the falls because it was invading my shots, I mean, it was blocking the course of nature. In the midst of the cool spray, I mostly just let them be them, while I and my camera looked on.

And before we knew it, the sun was long gone, and we were heading back down the darkening trails.

See you again, Mill Creek.

And see you at the wedding, Stephanie & Kyle.