Stephanie & Jeff's Engagement

It's time to go somewhere new.

From the side of the road and from google earth I have often looked at this mysterious place. Feel free to correct me, but I'm quite certain that it's a prehistoric Canadian Stonehenge, left by a mysterious tribe of astronomers who somehow found themselves in Moncton.*

So when Stephanie & Jeff didn't have a location in mind for their shoot, I decided to take a chance.** Although I scouted it a few days before and things looked great, a lot of rain feel between that day and the day of the engagement shoot - but they were troopers. You could hardly tell that much of the time they were dodging around swampy holes, and swatting away mosquitos. But I definitely can't complain; the sunset was gorgeous (as were Steph & Jeff, of course), and it was a great night.

As the sun set on the coliseum's remains, and then waned over the horizon, we captured some beautiful moments, and then walked our sloshing feet back out to the parking lot.


*Obviously I'm 100% wrong about this. But sometimes imagination is better than reality ;)
**Speaking of taking chances, you'd best not ask how that picture from the high vantage point was taken...