Amanda & Ben's Engagement

It's time for the first engagement shoot of 2017!

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: I really don't like the cold anymore. Long gone are the days when a little Wes would put on his snowsuit and happily romp into the snow drifts (and possibly out onto the ice-covered bay...but that's another story). Nowadays I'm much more content to be inside, or to be shooting weddings under a hot, blistering sun. Heat's just not a problem. Perhaps that last bit has something to do with my 'genetically advanced ventilation system' (see: baldness).

But in the end, it's really all about what the couple wants - the photos should be more a reflection of them than me. And who wants to have a portfolio with only one season in it? How boring would that be?! So off we went to Hillsborough (or thereabouts) to Amanda and Ben's farm.

As soon as we got outside and began getting ready, everyone remarked, "It's really not as cold as I thought it would be..." Boy were we eating those words by the time we were done! Haha.

Even so, I think we all had a great time (minus a few slips on the ice, and some wayward snow), and ended up with some lovely pictures on that hazy February day.