Amélie & Chris' Wedding

Another week, another beautiful day for a wedding. The air was cool and fresh as I headed to Shediac for Amélie and Chris' wedding. I have to say, it's been a great summer for wedding weather thus far. And clearly I don't believe in jinxing yourself. The weather will be what the weather will be.

That cool breeze became a bit of an annoyance as I tried to hang the dresses for photos, blowing about recklessly in the morning air. Eventually I gave in and decided to take a few shots of them blowing around instead.

It was there in Shediac, at Amélie's parent's place that our day began, with hair, makeup, and laughter.

Then it was off to the coast to catch up with the boys and their suiting up. As always, I find the men look better in black and white. I provide both colour and monochrome versions to my clients, but I'm still waiting for the day that someone wants me to shoot the whole day in two colours ;)

Back to Shediac for a few photos with everyone looking their very best, as we wandered about the small farm and orchard looking for little spots to shoot. I have to say, using the Acadian flag as a blindfold for the first look was a nice touch ;)

Then we hit the road for Blueberry Hill Farms in Petitcodiac for the rustic wedding itself. A pig was roasting on a spit as people assembled for the ceremony. The sun beat down on us as vows were cheerfully exchanged.

Back down the aisle through a cloud of bubbles, and on into the barn for food, family, dance, and drink. Word is, the evening wore on long into the night, smoke from the bon fire rising into the 2am sky.