Olivia & Yannick's Wedding

Our day began at the Hidden Beauty Studio in Moncton for hair and makeup. Things were pretty low key, and after I managed to figure out who was there for the wedding and who wasn't (I mean, everyone looked splendid, so why not include a few more people in the wedding photos?), the day was rolling.

Soon after we headed up to the north end to get dressed up and see the groomsmen. It seems like I was just at the Magnetic Hill Winery...because I was! Back again, but this time we were inside the B&B as everyone prepared for the day.

The men, locked in their room so as to not see the ladies before the big reveal.

We then headed out onto the winery grounds for some photos. There was a lot of construction going on as they're expanding their operations, but we managed to find a few spots without barriers, piles of earth, or heavy equipment in the background.

Vows were exchanged, and next thing you know it, everyone was bursting into the reception tent dancing. Props to the kid with the modern dance/breakdancing moves. Now we all need to up our wedding dance games.

The night wore on, and as usual I was there later than planned, so I said, "Just one more shot, then I'm outta here." The day's obligations completed, everyone was relaxed and happy, and it became probably my favourite shot of the whole day :)