Louise & Jason's Wedding

The cool summer morning quickly became a hot summer morning, and what was supposed to be a rainy day only a few days before (something I was trying not to think too much about) broke into just another clear, hot, Moncton day. While the ladies began getting ready in Charlene's open concept livingroom there was still lots of room available for me to play around with - I mean work... work with - the details and things.

The bridesmaids had put together a book of memories and well wishes for Louise to read on her wedding day. Because there are just never enough reasons to feel emotional on that day ;) 

On to the men, just one street over, who were, obviously, doing very manly things - such as figuring out what to do with all the extra buttons the suits came with, and staying well "hydrated". No worries, though, they had an Escalade coming to pick them up in style.

Once ready, it was off to Royal Oaks to get into positions for the ceremony. The bride arrived last, hiding behind the DJ's truck until it was time for her beaming father to escort her down the path to the gazebo. I have no idea how she made it down the steps, but presumably she has a little more experience with heels than I do.

I'm not gonna talk about who cried and who didn't, but I'm pretty sure that the list for the latter is the shorter one.

After the ceremony, as is apparently the custom, the whole wedding party and family piled into a caravan of golf carts and headed out to the far side of the course for photos. Soon after we arrived, a snack cart appeared and priorities quickly shifted. Once everyone was refreshed, it was back to looking dashing and sharing laughs on camera.

I asked the bride and her brother if they had a secret handshake. They said no, but then immediately proceeded to invent one, as though the lack of one had been an oversight all these year. Which it may well have been.

Back at the clubhouse, the guests and the food were waiting. And although everyone had their drinks and their dancing shoes ready, I couldn't resist taking them back out onto the green when the sun began to dip toward the horizon for some final romantic shots.

Soon after the bouquet was very enthusiastically caught (no judgements), I left them to continue their merrymaking in peace.

Congratulations, Louise & Jason! And thanks for inviting me to be a part of your marvellous day :)