Jen & Jamie's Wedding

The day began on main street at the Residence Inn on Main St in Moncton, where what once seemed like a bit hotel room quickly became a small one once everyone piled in for hair and makeup. Much to my surprise, the rings weren't there, and Jen & Jamie had decided to truly trust the best man with the task of guarding them all day...something that's become less and less common. I suppose we ended up finding out why (more on that later). 

I popped out to Shediac to see what the guys were up to. Not a whole lot before I got there. Soon there was a great deal of buttoning and pocket square folding (who invents these folds anyway??), and I borrowed the rings from the best man for some photos. After I was done, I left them on the table by the door, and we headed out to the dirt road for some "manly photos".

Eventually everyone made their way to the church, and unbeknownst to the bridal party, there was some drama going on on the men's side of the church behind the scenes. The best man realized that he didn't have the rings, and that he must have left them in Shediac. The ceremony was about to begin, and it would take over 30 minutes to get there and back again. Fingers were pointed, tempers raised and...just moments before it was time to go out, they let him know that one of the others picked them up without him noticing and everything was just fine all along.

I've heard that there is a video somewhere on youtube, but have yet to find it myself...

The ceremony went much the same way one would expect a ceremony to go, rings and all. Vows were said, tears were cried, and then we headed off to Victoria park in the limo for some photos with friends and family.

On the way back to the reception, the wedding party stopped by The Old Triangle for a few more interesting photos. And maybe a drink or two.

After that, it was on to Moncton Press Club to seal the end of the day.

Music, dancing, laughter, some hijinks that I can't mention here, and all was right with the world.

And everyone had their rings.