Amélie & Chris Engagement

Our original plan was to head to the beach to shoot as the sun went down across the water. The sun, however, had other plans, and it was overcast and hinting at rain, so we opted to stick to Amélie's parents back yard - which ended up being a lovely place regardless.

Always looking for another angle to shoot from, and something to climb, I obviously had to climb a tree to take a few shots. Not to be outdone, Amélie's father quickly hopped up the tree as well when it came time to give them a shake. The trees were blooming, and more than willing to offer a lovely and romantic shower of petals at a moments notice. Unfortunately the mosquitos were also "blooming", and ready to do what they do at a moment's notice as well. Even so, we all had a blast, just poking around the yard and farm for little spots and things to use in the photos. It was like a photography tickle-trunk back there.

As a footnote, we agreed not to think or talk about what happened near the end: the sun broke through the clouds in what must have been a glorious sunset at the beach, while being hidden behind the trees where we were.

In the end, we still got some fantastic photos, and you just can't live your life thinking "what if?".  

...but maybe next time we'll go to the beach ;)