Melissa & Jamie Waterfall Engagement

"We'd like to do our photos somewhere interesting, like a waterfall. We love waterfalls!"
"That sounds great! We'll meet you there!"

Little did I know, that one sentence nearly led us down a path of destruction. And I mean a literal path of destruction. If our little Honda Civic had known what was ahead of it that day, it wouldn't have agreed to start.

Foolishly, I just found the location of the waterfall - Memel Creek Falls - on Google Maps using the satellite view, and let Google decide the best route to get there (see the route after). It was most definitely not the best route to get there. We drove down treacherous dirt roads, ATV trails, and mud holes until finally we had exhausted all possible options and had to (slowly) return back to the main road and head back in from another direction. Luckily I'm about obsessive about being on time, and I had left a margin of error of about an hour and a half in our trek.

Once back on the right road, another more friendly dirt road, we finally made it to the falls. We slathered with bug repellent (which the bugs apparently found delicious), and proceeded to climb through the rocks and water until most of us had wet feet. All in all, the excursion went pretty well, and we managed to avoid any major disasters, (although the furry family member tried to knock the ring into the water a couple times). We got some good photos and had a great time, then headed back home to scratch our bug bites.



The route we took to the falls. Whatever you do, don't take this route. Just don't. Head past the Hopewell Cape before turning in.

How not to get there.

Wesley PerryComment