Olivia & Yannick - Engagement Photography

"I'm not gonna lie to you - I don't really know what to do with a dog."

A brisk, but promising evening just before sunset, we met at the beach in Cap-Pele. I noticed that they had their dog in the car with them, so asked if he wanted to be in the pictures, and the answer, obviously, was yes. If youI know my Instagram you're probably aware that my cats are a part of my family. I just wish we had had them around for our own wedding pictures - but I digress.

After they managed to get the fuzz into the right family poses, we let him go back to the dressing room and took off for some people pictures.

Some clouds appeared just before the sunset, but we ended up finding some warmth in the skies (and in the off-camera flash rig I brought).

The time was over before we knew it, and with smiling faces and shoes full of sand, we headed back to the cars.