Headshots Day 2016

In the off season, to stay on my game, I like to have a big headshots day. And it's that time again, Headshots Day 2016! I booked myself up solid and was greatly looking forward to the day, as I love the interaction involved in taking headshots.

Then I got sick. I got real sick. Luckily I was able to sleep off most of it before the grand day came, but it was only by the grace of NyQuil and caffeine that I was able to accomplish anything that day. But that's life, and in the end it was an even more important day of practice than it would have been otherwise: working on getting the job done even when you just feel like crawling back into bed.

I may not have been my 100% on my game, or my usual silly self while taking the photos, but I think I managed to get the job done.

A big thank you to everyone who came to visit the studio that day. Obviously a headshot can't be any better than the head that's in it. And what a mighty fine collection of heads we had :)

Just to be clear, this won't be the only time I take headshots for the year. Just the only day that I'll be doing it for six hours straight. If you'd like to book a headshot/portrait session, drop me an email!