Kyla & Dustin ~ Moncton Wedding Photographer

The day began at Head to Toe Hair and Esthetics. As a surprise I was greeted by a raspberry iced tea with my name on it (matching everyone else's). As the sun shone through the windows, and the tiny air conditioner struggled to keep the shop from succumbing to the heat, the bride, bridesmaids, mothers, and flower girl all went through the chairs for hair and makeup. Part way through, I slipped upstairs to the Crowne Plaza to get some shots of the details (in the wonderfully temperature controlled hotel room).

Part way through I ran up (drove up) to the groom's place to make sure they made it to the wedding, because who knows what would have happened if I hadn't. Turns out they had things pretty much under control.

Off to the ceremony at The Journey Church on Salisbury Rd where we were serenaded by the bride's father, who had written a song for her day.

After a quick stop by the house to say hello to the fur-babies. A part of me wished we had had some little bowties for them, and had spent some more time... but I suppose we had to move on to the people who got all dressed up for the day, so off to Jones Lake we went, where at least one of the ducks wanted in on the action.

My face when the sun came out in a glowing sunset.

Okay, I'm not gonna put my face in here, but you can guess.

Back to the Coverdale Centre for the reception/dance. There was very little sitting around, and very much celebrating going on. As well there should be.

Thanks again for letting me take part in your beautiful day Kyla and Dustin. Congrats.