Tanya & Darren ~ Moncton Wedding Photographer

I arrived a little over an hour before the ceremony was to begin. I was only there for the ceremony and the formals after, so I relaxed a little bit and took in the surroundings for the first few minutes. A group of the guests and the groom were settled in to lawn chairs outside, as if it were any other day. Maison Tait House was decorated with flowers and frills, but for that it could have been any other day as well. But then, suddenly, the groom was suited up, and things started rolling.

What happened next was not just any other day. The bride came down the stairs, led by the bridal party: her two daughters, the only others joining them in the ceremony. In the dim lobby of the hotel, in front of the glowing bevelled glass windows, with just a few family and friends, Darren and Tanya exchanged their vows.

We then headed outside to the front steps for some family photos, and then around the Inn's grounds for the wedding party photos. Well, I suppose that at that point it was still family photos, because everyone was family by then.

Eventually people wanted to eat (always seems to happen), so we returned to the lobby of the inn, where the guests were preparing for the reception dinner. As they did, I grabbed the rings and flowers for some shots. I don't know if you've ever tried macro photography in a dimly-lit room, but I wouldn't recommend it. After I was done making my life harder than it had to be, I returned to everyone enjoying their wine and each other's company.

I wasn't really there for the reception, but where there are happenings happening, there are pictures to be taken, so I snuck around the dining room (which so much of a sneak as a squeeze, as they had filled it to capacity), and caught a bit of the ambiance.

Thank you Darren & Tanya for inviting me join you for your beautiful day!