Louise & Jason's Engagement

Photographers everywhere!

That was my first thought when I got to Irishtown Nature Park. I guess that Moncton's all-too-short fall season is about to end, so everyone was shooting while they could. Thankfully no one was taking pictures where I wanted to, so I didn't have to have any fisticuffs (as I am wont to do, obviously ;) ). 

Although it was the day after the Jay's series-ending game, they decided to wear the jerseys anyway. I asked if they were still holding on, but the real reason was that they got engaged at a Jays game, so it was only appropriate. If only they had won the night before!

We chased the waning sun as it set throughout the park. On our way out, heading to the cars, after having put away my camera: "Wait...that bench. There's still time!"

As quickly as I could take a few shots, the sun disappeared behind the trees, but thankfully not too soon.

Looking forward to an even more magical day next year at their wedding!