Savannah & Kyle ~ Moncton Engagement Photography

To Centennial Park we headed, in hopes of finding some fun and fall foliage. Remember how it was warm out not that long ago? Well, this wasn't then. This was the first day that it suddenly felt like late fall/early winter. They might have been wearing sweaters, but I was lucky enough to be bundled up in a coat and tuque behind the camera.

Oddly enough, even with the cold air, the leaves were just getting started turning. We found a few patches where they showed through the most, and found the least frost bitten leaf we could on the ground for the ring shots.

We wandered into the woods, down the trails and back out again, finding a variety of small patches of leaves and sun to hang out in.

Back at the picnic tables, the sun began to fall past the horizon. And that's my favourite moment. The sky shines, and everyone glows. Both inside and out.