Melissa & Adam's Engagement

“Can we bring lightsabers?”

“Uhh…heck yeah.”

We headed out to Sackville before sunset to meet up with Melissa & Adam. First we followed a google maps pin down a long dirt road far out on the outskirts of town. Unsure of where we had landed, I opened the car door to look around a bit - and immediately regretted it. Oh boy the mosquitos coming off the marsh were intense. And they hadn’t even had the taste of blood yet!

We soon met up with Melissa and Adam, and then started out with ‘the usual shots’ of romance and dogs and sunsets. Then we headed onto the marsh and slowly amped things up, and soon enough we were in full on lightsaber battle pose mode. I didn’t want to miss ‘the shot’ (as you never know exactly when it’s going to happen), so I settled into being eaten alive by mosquitos while getting just the right camera angle. I removed the pests from most of the photos, but a couple of them actually looked like they might be huge alien swarms instead of…tiny earthly swarms - so I left those in for good effect ;)

And hey, we wouldn’t want to forget what Actually happened that night. We’re not just making art here, we’re making memories!

Afterwards we sprinted back to the cars and drove into town to take a few pictures around the university in the dark.

I was itchy for days afterwards, but do I regret it? Of course not. Do I regret not putting on bug spray? Perhaps…